Portfolio: Web Development

At ByteKraft ITD, we treat every job as a unique project, and work towards providing the best solutions to the challenges posed by each project. We take full advantage of the huge number of resources that are already available for web development, but we're not afraid to make large-scale modifcations or even build from scratch!

Here's a list of other clients we've worked with. We are always grateful to those who entrust us with their websites and web applications.
  1. The WISE Org (http://www.jmedsfashions.com) - website development
  2. RCCG Chief Cornerstone Assembly (http://www.rccgcca.org) - website development
  3. St. Theresa Nurselink (http://www.sttheresanurselinkmd.com/) - website development & hosting
  4. The Alex Okanlawon Autism Foundation (http://www.welovealex.org) - website development & hosting
  5. VMT Long Term Care (http://vmtltc.com) - website development
  6. JLN Construction (http://www.jln-construction.com) - website development & hosting
  7. J'Meds Fasions (http://www.jmedsfashions.com) - website development & hosting